Greenville Gravel Grinders

Come out and grind some gravel with us!

Welcome to our site!

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! We want to welcome you to the Greenville Gravel Grinders website!!!

We are a group of Gravel Grinding enthusiasts from North East Texas, specifically from Greenville and the surrounding areas. We're passionate about riding our bikes on some of the most awesome (and seldom traveled) gravel and dirt roads in our area.

If you're new to gravel grinding, we want to welcome you to the family!!! We hope that we can be a resource for you and and that you find yourself hooked!! If you're a seasoned veteran, we'd love to connect! Either way, we just want to grow the network of gravel cyclists in our area ... creating more interest in various group rides, races, and support for some amazing people.

Please check back often for all of the latest updates, or visit us on social media where you can follow us for the up to date news about all of our events and rides in our area.